Barbara and Glen Eliasson
“Last year 5/15/2020 my beautiful home was lost to fire. My family was so devastated as you can imagine. We didn’t know which way to turn. One if not the main reason things started to turn around for us is I was referred to Michael Pomarico Custom Builders. There began a light at my tunnel.. From the get go he sent me suggestions and sent me sketches of his ideas of what we could do.His easygoing manner and good humor made it not such a hassle but a project that lifted my spirits. He came from a family of builders and knew his stuff thats for sure! Very knowledgeable about every aspect of building a home.

Mike was responsive to my ideas and was prompt and punctual in getting back to me in a timely matter. I felt like I lucked out finally!! His crew were great too very nice and accommodating.

But seriously even with the Covid going on I was able to move in right on time. That in itself was another Blessing. My house is simply beautiful ..everything no problems no issues and simply gorgeous! Mike Pomarico and his crew take care of his customers with knowledge and expertise.

I give Michael Pomarico my highest recommendation!”

Jennifer Roth
“My husband and I moved into our Michael F. Pomarico Custom Builder home in September 2019. From the planning stages and every portion of the execution of the project, Michael made this massive project really stress free. His attention to detail, structural insights, style elements, timely execution, and coordination of subcontractors made the entire project a joy to behold. He is responsive and attentive to the needs and concerns of the customer and takes great pride in all aspects of the building of a home that bears his name. I would strongly recommend Michael for anyone looking to undertake the excitement and joy of planning and seeing your own home come to life.”

Cindy Kryger “Best custom builder in the Hudson Valley! Super nice guy too!”

Constance Kane
“My Pomerico built home is everything I wanted and more. Mike made the experience so stress free and easy. Communication was free flowing and timely, there were no surprises and the quality of the work is outstanding, especially the level of detail. I highly recommend his company to everyone who comes my way with interest in building a home.”

Kevin/Susan Shriver/Croll
“Mike built our house in 2018-19. He worked with us closely to understand what we wanted, and made suggestions that enhanced the way our house functioned for us, including suggesting a reading alcove in the master suite when he heard we were avid readers. He oversaw all aspects of the work and stayed in close communications with us throughout, finishing on schedule. If there is anything negative to say, it’s that the build went over budget, but the land we chose was admittedly tricky to build on, and it was mostly the prep work that drove it over. The very best thing about Mike is that he didn’t “build and run.” He’s been very responsive since our build, helping us whenever minor issues or questions arise, and even recommending people for various extra projects we envisioned. He’s become a friend and partner in maintaining our brand new beautiful home!”

Patrick Turner
“Mike is a true custom builder of homes. He comes from a long line of builders that have built houses in the Hudson Valley. I highly recommend him, he built our house in 2013 and it came out beautiful! We are very happy with Mike’s quality, professionalism, and responsiveness to issues that come up. Highly recommended on many levels.”

Cory Stewart
“Working with Mike on the construction of our new home was a rewarding and gratifying experience.

Mike was attentive through the entire build and always made us feel as though we were his most important client. Issues and concerns were addressed immediately and to our satisfaction.

If you’re in the market for a custom built home, I strongly recommend discussing your options with Mike Pomerico!”

Candice Jordan
“By the end of building our new house, Michael Pomarico, became not only our general contractor/builder, but he became part of our family. Michael leaves no detail untouched and every time we texted or called him, no matter the time of day, he always responded or got back to us very quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable in his trade and his work is impeccable. My husband, family and I would highly recommend Michael. He far exceeded our expectations and gave us our dream, custom home at an affordable, quality price.”

Jeff & Paula Gliedman
“Pomarico Homes has had a long history of quality going back years so when we decided to have our new home built we knew the Pomarico name was a builder we could trust.
Mike built our new home in 2017 but our interaction with him started back in 2015 when he offered his help to locate a building lot. From the time we located a lot in 2016 and began meeting with Mike to develop house plans he was always there all along the process supporting us with options to ensure the finished home would meet all our needs. Any questions we raised were immediately responded to by Mike. His sub-contractors were all top notch. The excavator, masonry, framers, plumbers, electrician, sheetrockers, tapers, painters and trimmers were all professionals offering their assistance whenever needed. The flooring and cabinet suppliers recommended by Mike were outstanding.
After the closing and move in some items needed attention and Mike was immediately on top of and satisfactorily resolved the issues to our complete satisfaction.”

Amanda and Dan
“Building a house with Mike Pomarico is a no brainer! When we started the home building process, we were looking at modulars, where every single customization was a huge upcharge. With Mike, customization is the name of his game! Mike started by taking our dream home ideas and combining them into a one of a kind, custom designed house, just for us! His standard contract is levels above builder grade, so there is no need for constant upcharges to get the things you want. Mike embraces what ever style the customer is looking for and is able to provide expert advice when needed. At the same time he was building our home, he was also building my parents new home, only 2 doors down. They are completely different and unique to each of our styles, and the only way you could possibly tell they were built by the same guy is the impeccable attention to detail and beautiful finishes. While many people complain that building a home is extremely stressful and mentally taxing, building a home with Mike was simple and fun! He is available whenever you need him and he truly cares about his work and helping his customers build their dream homes. He was beyond dedicated to our project and always made us feel like we were his top priority. We are forever grateful to Mike for building our forever home!
Seriously forever grateful to you, thank you so much!!”

Rich and Sara W.
“We have all heard stories of how stressful and difficult building a home can be; but with Mike Pomarico it was truly nothing but a pleasure from start to finish.
We met Mike while walking our vacant lot as he was just finishing a home on the lot next door. He walked us through and when we saw the layout, quality of materials and craftsmanship we knew immediately we had found our builder.
We began by giving Mike a list of our wants and needs; he began drawing the floor plan.
It was amazing how quickly he was able to turn our ideas into what would be our forever home. From the open concept, vaulted ceilings to the design cues of Craftsman Style, It is truly the custom home of our dreams.
One would think that this level of customization could quickly get too expensive. But we had previously toured a modular home builder and with a few design changes and “upgrades” the price quickly got out of hand. We say upgrades in quotes because with Mike he doesn’t start at the lowest level of product but uses quality material as standard.
Mike also has an amazing team of professionals who are all friendly, respectful, and highly skilled.
The subcontractors he referred us to such a wood flooring, tile work, kitchen design, etc. to customize even further we’re experts in their field and also a pleasure to work with.
There were so many details the we had never thought of that are standard for Mike’s homes. The trims, crown moldings, built ins and countless other touches that make Pomarico homes so special.
Mike was always available, and easy to reach by phone and willing to meet us at the site to take care of any concerns or changes along the way.
Our previous home sold quickly and he was able to expedite our move in date without compromising any quality or detail. He even accommodated our last minute request for built ins in the living room to complete the Craftsman Style Design.
Mike is truly top notch and continues to check in time to time to make sure everything is going smoothly and working well.
We ask ourselves what we would do different and can not think of a single thing.
Mike has truly exceeded our expectations!
We are so grateful, thank you Mike!”

Billy and Gina Bloomer: Newburgh, NY
“In 1995 we were fortunate enough to build our home. Michael Pomarico was the first and only builder that we contacted. He was highly recommended and had a great reputation in our area…”
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Cory and Liz Stewart: Newburgh, NY
“Building a custom home can be an overwhelming experience and it was no different for us. It was so so important for us to have someone we could rely on to make sure all the details large and small, were being addressed…”
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The Conroy Family: Newburgh, NY
“About 5 years ago, Mike put an addition on our house. During our 1st meeting I was describing to Mike what I wanted and he drew a picture of exactly what I wanted. I was impressed and sold!…”
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James J. Distefano Jr.: Newburgh, NY
“I am pleased to let you know how happy I am with the remodel and reconstruction of my home in the Town of Newburgh. Your help and experience from the first day I looked to purchase this house to completion was exceptional…”
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Marty & Maria Fullam: New Paltz, NY
“We had the luxury of reading the words of Mike’s other satisfied clients before writing ours. And as we read them, it was obvious that our experience with Mike was not an anomaly – which didn’t surprise us one bit – and we wholeheartedly echo the comments of others you read here. We too were, and remain, very satisfied clients…”
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John A. and Marilyn B. D’Ambrosio: Newburgh, NY
“We are writing this testimonial for Michael F. Pomarico who originally bult our home in 1992. In addition we asked Mr. Pomarico to oversee construction of an addition to our home in 2002…”
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Pat Cullen: Newburgh, NY
“We fell in love with our home immediately after seeing it for the 1st time. Mike Pomarico obviously made the extra effort in adding perks to our home that otherwise, would have been a typical house…”
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Dr James and Karen Scaduto: New Paltz, NY
“Our home was built in 2004. Mike was very good to work with; his approachable and easygoing nature put us at ease. Our home was built very solidly. In fact, Mike used his experience to…”
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Michael Stoller & Zoe B. Zak: New Paltz, NY
“Every time we walk into our home, Zoe and I want to thank you again for a job so well done. We are having a large gathering at home for Passover, and cannot wait for the oohs and aahs…”
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Mary Calaluca: Newburgh, NY
“Michael, I love my house and you can put a picture of it on your website. Mary Calaluca”
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Rick and Stella Denton: Formerly of Newburgh, NY
“My husband and I had the pleasure of doing business with Mike Pomarico in 2001 when he built our house [address] in the Town of Newburgh. We have had four houses built…”
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Don and Debbie Ditter: New Paltz, NY
“We moved to NY from Arizona in the summer of 1995. We contracted with Pomarico builders earlier that year to build our new home. Mike was a real pleasure to work with. He helped us finalize…”
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Dr. Mitch and Kelly Garden: Newburgh, NY
“ We first met Mike when we bought a spec house from him in 1998. It was a wonderful house and an opportunity to get to know a man that quickly earned our respect and admiration, and later even friendship…”
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Bernadette Gillespie: Lake Osiris – Walden, NY
“Thanks for the opportunity to tell you and all your internet viewers how much I love my home. As you know, but many strangers looking at your website will not – My Dad was a custom home builder…”
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Mike and Christine Giordano: Salt Point, NY
“My wife and I built our home with Mike Pomarico in 1998 and cannot say enough about the experience. Mike quickly put to rest the myth of the unapproachable and disinterested contractor the minute…”
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Marla and Alan Konner: New Paltz, NY
“In 1996 when my family and I found ourselves in a position to upgrade our living situation, we began house shopping. After 6 months of viewing numerous…”
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Earl and Elaine Morey: New Paltz, NY
“It was a genuine pleasure dealing with Mike during all phases of the construction of our home in 1998. After having discussed our building plans with other general contractors, we selected Mike for many reason…”
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Erika and Richard Ponesse: Newburgh, NY
“We purchased our new home from Michael in 2000. He was a pleasure to work with and very professional. We moved in just 6 months from when they started clearing the land…”
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Kerry and Lou Martarano: Newburgh, NY
“Kerry and I would be more than happy to write a few words about our experience with you. If you remember, our working relationship began in your office on rt. 300, meeting you, your sister and mother…”
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Keith and Lauren Minard: Marlboro, NY
“Mike Pomarico built out home in 2003 in Marlboro, New Work. We were planning to build a home for more than five years and could not decide what type of home we wanted…”
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Nick and Serina Rinaldi: East Fishkill, NY
“There is no better person, than Mike Pomarico, to have on your side when making one of the biggest investments in your life. The guidance Mike provides is based on his years of experience…”
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Nicole and Thomas Roberts: Newburgh, NY
“When my husband and I wanted to build a new home, we asked my sister who she recommended. She said that she had her home built from Michael. F. Pomarico Co. in 1987 and they were very satisfied with their home and his services. When we went to Mike’s …”
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Vivki and Leigh Benton: Newburgh, NY
“Our house was built by Mike Pomarico in 2004. We made it our home in February of 2005. Having never before gone through the experience of building from scratch, I was…”
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Terri Bianco: New Windsor, NY
“My husband and I contacted Michael Pomarico in October 2001 to inquire about building our “dream center hall colonials.” We found out about Michael Pomarico by his wonderful reputation…”
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Eric and Vicki Scott: Marlboro, NY
“We built our home in 1994 and from our first meeting to today, Mike has been there for us. He designed our beautiful home based on nothing more then our vision, stayed on budget and finished construction on time as promised…”
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