Michael F. Pomarico Custom Builders

Custom people deserve custom homes!…

Although everyone is created equal, we are all unique and different in our own way. Whether your style is colonial, Victorian farmhouse, contemporary or eclectic we can design it and build it for you. True custom homes, select additions and renovations as well as light commercial projects all receive an equal amount of care and personal supervision to insure that your project is built just the way you want it.

Home Exteriors - Over 2500 sq feet

That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

I am extremely proud of the fact that I will never be known as a “cookie cutter” builder! Being a true custom builder, I try to avoid building the same house twice, especially on the same street !! Why would you want to invest in what you thought was a “custom” home only to have three more of exactly the same right next door?
I’ll leave that to the track home builders. My homes are just as unique as my clients and I have the proven capability and creativity to satisfy clients with the most specific of needs.

Home Exteriors - Under 2500 sq feet

Home Interiors

Your home will be as unique as your smile…

My full in-house award winning design service covers concept to final blueprints. It all starts with a conversation about what your vision of your dream home or structure will be. My job, besides listening to you intently and taking detailed notes, is to put that vision on paper and make your dream into a reality. Whether it is a home, addition/renovation or light commercial structure, the design must be a blend of beauty, practicality and most important of all, reflect your personal tastes and be unique to you and only you! Architect plans are also welcome if you already have them !


Additions and select renovations…

I take immense pride in coming up with innovative designs which will transform a conventional older home into something with twenty-first century pizzazz!! Or, maybe you would like to extend the grandeur of a classic home with an addition that appears seamless and looks as though it were part of the original build.

As land costs rise, more and more people are exploring the possibility to add on or renovate their existing home. Homes already on small lots may be limited to building up with a second level only. Homes on larger lots have the option of building up as well as building out. Before conceptual designs can be done, we would have to make sure to work within your local zoning laws regarding what you are allowed to do.

If you are thinking of an addition or renovation to you home, look no farther than Michael F. Pomarico Co. LLc . I am a past winner of the Orange County Board of Realtors Award for “ Best Residential Addition” as well as being a nominee for “Best Commercial Renovation”.

You would be surprised what a little imagination and creativity could do to your current home all while increasing its value and future salability!