Pomarico Custom Builders

Building a new home has to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling endeavors one could partake in. After all, it is the realization of the American dream.

Your home, regardless of style or size, truly is your castle! It is a place were families grow, friends gather and memories are made. It is a sanctuary for both experiencing the joy of a new baby as well as mourning the loss of a loved one. It is above all your safe harbor, warm and inviting. It is the very place that we experience this thing called life.

But your home is also much more than that. It is also an investment, which if properly and thoughtfully constructed, will grow in value through the years ahead.

In order to achieve such an appreciation in value, you need a quality builder who not only uses the finest materials and skilled labor available, but also has the proven track record and integrity to deliver on what is probably the largest purchase of your life.

Michael F. Pomarico

is such a builder and his long list of satisfied customers continues to grow along with his reputation for the utmost in creativity and personal service. An established reputation does not happen by mere accident. It is the pedigree of a long family tradition of doing a job right the first time.

Michael F. Pomarico is a third generation builder whose family name has been building quality in the Hudson Valley for over six decades!! There are very few builders who could ever make that claim in such an ever changing industry.

Here is a Little History on my Family

The Pomarico name goes back to Bari, Italy where the family trade was constructing huge oak wine barrels which were used in wineries to store wine during its aging process.

The Pomarico FamilyMy grandfather, also named Michael, came to America in the early 1900’s with more lint in his pocket than money. But he had a skill for woodworking and was quickly hired by the Steinway Piano Company where he worked constructing the legendary grand pianos with all of their intricate curves and beauty and a tone that is to this day unmatched.

After World War I, Grandfather Mike started the family construction business. My father Vince as well as my two uncles Bill and Tony all worked with my grandfather building and remodeling throughout Queens and Brooklyn, New York. Let’s face it; if you were a Pomarico, you were born with a hammer in your hand!

My father Vince moved from Queens to Newburgh, New York and started building in the Hudson Valley in 1950. I am proud to say that my father was a founding member of what is now the Builders Association of the Hudson Valley and served as their very first secretary in the late 1950’s. Several of my fathers developments still look fresh today even after all of these years mainly because they were built with care.

My family tree is made up of framing lumber! My uncles are builders, too; as well as my brother and many of my cousins.

Building isn’t just a job to me; it is literally in my DNA.

Much like the fine wine which was stored in the barrels my grandfather made, our family name and reputation has gotten better with age. And like a Steinway piano, a Pomarico home will remain classic for many years to come, forever ringing out a tone of quality, always to be enjoyed by future generations.

From acorn to oak tree…

Growing up in the family business enabled me to learn the construction business from the ground up. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have learned all of the intricacies of the construction business from my father, just as he learned from his father. With this experience I soon learned the art of designing a home and structuring it by paying close attention to my clients preferences. There is no more rewarding feeling than creating a design that is just as unique as my clients and watching their eyes light up with excitement when first reviewing their plan.


Even though I have personally been involved in the construction of hundreds of homes of all different sizes and styles, one thing always stays the same; The Pomarico commitment to quality, honesty and customer satisfaction. This is what my grandfather taught my father and it is what my father taught to me. It is my mission to not just build you a new home, but to Craft it and stand behind it as well.

Home Rules…

I am happy to say that I live and work in the same community with many of my clients. It is imperative for me to operate my business with only the highest standards for quality and service.

My Roots…

Unlike some of the huge national builders who pack up and leave town when their projects are finished, I was born and raised here in the Hudson Valley and will continue to call it my home. If ever a warrantee problem arises, I will always be accessible to you.

The Pomarico Experience

One to One because you are Number One!!…

I am able to work one on one with my clients in a very dedicated and personal way that gives you direct access to me as well as all of the quality, experience and service that goes along with the Pomarico name. All of my clients deal directly with me and receive my personal supervision on every project. There are never any foremen or underlings getting in between our conversations. This way, your needs are heard by me and only by me.

After all, if you cannot directly speak to the man whose name is on the sign, you may end up feeling like you are just a number. Personal service has always been at the foundation of my reputation regardless of the size of your project. I am not striving to be the biggest builder in town, I am striving only to be the builder with the most satisfied customers!

No Call Waiting…

One of my biggest pet peeves is dealing with people who do not return phone call promptly!!

When servicing my clients, I pride myself on ALWAYS returning your calls promptly, whether your concern is large or small.

There is probably nothing more insulting to a client than to not show the simple common courtesy of a prompt return call, especially when you are investing your hard earned savings and putting your total trust in me. Your questions deserve both my full attention as well as an honest answer at all times.

You’re in good hands…

My company, as well as all of my highly skilled sub-contractors are fully insured with General Liability 1miilion/2million aggregate and Workman’s Compensation according to NY State law.


My homes are built and warranted under the General Business Laws of New York State sec 777a and 777b. You are covered for up to one year from date of c.o. for shrinkage and cracks; two years for plumbing, electric, hvac, septic and mechanicals: and six years structural.

The best part about a Pomarico home is to know that when your home or structure is well constructed in the first place many of the above worst case scenarios are never to be visited. No building project is perfect, but with careful planning and supervision we will build you the home or structure with the least imperfections!

Warm thoughts and cool ideas

I pride myself on building energy efficient homes and structures that are well insulated and are easier to heat and cool. Using R-values of R-38 attic and R-21 exterior walls along with products like Tyvek house wrap, Anderson Windows with Low “E” glass and Thermo-Tru doors will give you home lasting beauty and help you to lower your use of fossil fuels.

If your heating plant is fueled by oil or gas, I choose to use only high efficiency systems made by well known brands like Peerless, Weil-McClain and Carrier, who by the way, invented air conditioning !

I have installed GEO-THERMAL systems as early as 1992, which was definitely ahead of the green curve. I can also put you in touch with passive solar contractors who could discuss working their ever- growing technology into your new home or office building in order to make it as energy efficient as possible. These new technologies are gaining popularity but still remain expensive to incorporate, however there are many government tax rebates available to offset their costs.