Building a new home has to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling endeavors one could partake in. After all, it is the realization of the American dream.

Your home, regardless of style or size, truly is your castle! It is a place were families grow, friends gather and memories are made. It is a sanctuary for both experiencing the joy of a new baby as well as mourning the loss of a loved one. It is above all your safe harbor, warm and inviting. It is the very place that we experience this thing called life.

Creating a Unique Design

There is no more rewarding feeling than creating a design that is just as unique as my clients and watching their eyes light up with excitement when first reviewing their plan.

Site Selection

The site you choose to build on is almost as important as the house itself. Certain parcels lend themselves to certain designs with ease. Other sites are un-compatible with certain types of homes. My job is to make your dream home fit the reality of the “lay of the land” or shape of the lot. The less we have to fight Mother Nature, the more site cost savings will be realized.

If you have not already purchased the land, call me!!

Remodeling & Design

Remodeling is a big decision, and Michael F. Pomarico Custom Builders want to make your dreams come true without breaking your budget. We combine your ideas with our years of experience, quality products, and home building expertise to transform your house into your dream home.



Room Additions


What Our Customers Say

“About 5 years ago, Mike put an addition on our house. During our 1st meeting I was describing to Mike what I wanted and he drew a picture of exactly what I wanted. I was impressed!…”

“Every time we walk into our home, Zoe and I want to thank you again for a job so well done. We are having a large gathering at home for Passover, and cannot wait for the oohs and aahs…”

“There is no better person, than Mike Pomarico, to have on your side when making one of the biggest investments in your life. The guidance Mike provides is based on his years of experience…”